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Trellis Lights
Trellis Lights
Trellis Lights



In collaboration with MIG Landscape Architects.

Cultural Services Department

City of San Buenaventura, CA

LED lamping.  40 stacked acrylic light boxes varying from 3'0" to 4'0" long.

4'0" l x 3' w x 3' h (four sets each 10 boxes)

Modification to wood entry way trellis designed by Moore, Iacafano, Goltsman (MIG) Landscape Architects for the park.


The stacked light boxes are designed to appear as capitals at the top of the four columns holding up the roof trellis.  At night, lighted by the LED's encapulated in the acrylic box and caps, the roof will appear to be held aloft by light.

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