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Meeting of the two rivers
Meeting of the two rivers
Meeting of the two rivers


City of Antioch, CA

Water, light, wind, earth, concrete, stainless steel, anemometer.  140' x 70 x 14'6" high.

The Meeting of the Two Rivers celebrates the conjunction of the San Joaquin and the Sacramento Rivers for the delta City of Antioch, CA.

The Meeting of the Two Rivers, forming a traffic median at a very busy intersection, is designed to be seen from a moving vehicle as it drives 360 degrees around the island.  


The recycled water is controlled by an anemometer (measures wind speed) so that the fountain, physically responsive to its environment, appears and disappears 'mysteriously' according to the intensity of the ambient wind.

Antioch residents enjoy 'reading' the anemometer in association with the wind force and fountain operation.  Particularly effective at night, the lights and water interact to create a glowing center for this commuter community.

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